Minnesota Vikings Stadium

Contractor:  Woody’s Rebar Co.
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The new stadium is a fixed roof stadium with a translucent roof and movable front windows. The translucent roof and windows allow natural light to enter the stadium, as well as giving fans a view of downtown Minneapolis. The roof is slanted for easier snow removal as it allows snow to accumulate in areas that are more safely and easily accessible. The movable windows will allow the stadium to experience some of the outdoor elements while providing protection from the snow, rain, and the cold winter weather. While the Vikings owners wanted an outdoor stadium, the government would have only provided funding for an indoor stadium that is able to host major events like the Super Bowl and the Final Four, and a retractable roof would have been too expensive.

The stadium will seat approximately 65,000 people for most games, roughly the same as the Metrodome. However, it will be expandable to 73,000 for special events such as the Super Bowl.

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Published on: 21 October 2014
Posted by: admin