Stay Vehicle Forfeiture Bonds

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 169A.63, Subdivision 13, a vehicle seized as a result of a designated offense such as driving while impaired can be released provided the driver and/or vehicle owner post a surety bond to the arresting authority in an amount equal to the Kelly Blue Book retail value.  The bond guarantees the principal will comply with all provisions of the statute, to include enrollment and completion of the interlock ignition program.

Newton Bonding is the leader in writing this unique bond.  We have worked with the Minnesota State Patrol and various county and city attorneys to create a program for this bond with MLM Surety, underwritten through Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company.

To initiate the application process, we will need our application, signed credit authorization, and personal financial statement completed and returned with documents related to the seizure and interlock ignition program.  Please contact a representative from Newton Bonding today!