Civil Court Bonds

Bonds required in a civil court action are classified as civil court bonds. These bonds are generally split into two categories – Plaintiffs bonds and Defendants bonds. Bonds written on behalf of Defendants are generally considered more hazardous, and are often written to counter and overturn a Plaintiff’s court bond. Civil court bonds are required when a party to a lawsuit wants to perform a certain act that is claimed to be a legal right, but could result in loss to the other party if the court later rules against the requesting party. The bond guarantees that if the bonded principal does not prevail, payment will be made to the other party.

Common types of civil court bonds include:

  • Cost on Appeal
  • Supersedeas (Appeal)
  • Replevin
  • Attachment
  • Injunction/Temporary Restraining Order
  • Judgment

Newton Bonding specializes in writing civil court bonds. Count on our expertise when you need your next bond issued.

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